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Monday 22nd of April 2024 06:56 AM UTC


Atlantis DHD Update

Make sure to update your Atlantis DHD to the mesh version, less prims, less script time and various bug fixes..

- Wolfie Waves


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ASN Status

Total DHDs registered: 167

25 OS DHDs
0 Alpha / Beta OS DHDs
22 Dialing Computers
2 Amelius DHDs
9 Atlantis DHDs
4 Modern Lantian DHDs
0 Subnovan DHDs
4 Forest DHDs
2 Cleary OS DHDs
0 Arcturus OS DHDs
2 OS Lite DHDs
97 ASN Lite DHDs

Gateworld News

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This page is here purely as an archive to what the OS Labs Mini-Mall used to be like.

Current Vendor Location

You may still access all OS Labs vendors in Eternal Calm at this location, Thankyou.

OS Labs Mini-Mall Layout

Here is the store layout for the main OS Labs Mini-Mall in region Eternal Calm on Second Life. Click here to teleport directly there now. (Must have Second Life installed.)

OS Labs Mini-mall store layout - Ground floor

OS Labs Mini-mall store layout - First floor

Vendor Locations

Here you will find a list of all the booths and who is renting them. This should help people to find out where a particular vendor is.

BoothShop NameTenantDays Left
VB00:  Empty/AvailableNumberofthebeast Angelus32
VB01:  Empty/Available
VB02:  Empty/Available
VB03:  Empty/Available
VB04:  Empty/Available
VB05:  SubnovaLex MarsN/A
VB06:  Empty/Available
VB07:  Empty/Available
VB08:  crazyLabsPeter LamethN/A
VB09:  Looney IndustriesKegan LoonN/A
VB10:  Empty/Available
VB11:  No shop nameSATA Zenovka10
VB12:  Empty/Available
VB13:  Empty/Available
VB14:  Empty/Available
VB15:  Empty/Available
VB16:  Empty/Available
VB17:  Empty/Available
VB18:  Empty/Available
VB19:  Empty/Available
VB20:  Empty/Available
VB21:  Empty/Available
VB22:  Empty/Available
VB23:  Empty/Available
VB24:  Empty/Available
VB25:  Empty/Available
VB26:  Empty/Available
VB27:  Empty/Available
VB28:  Empty/Available
VB29:  Reyo & Geordie WorkshopReyo NeutraN/A
VB30:  Reyo & Geordie WorkshopReyo NeutraN/A
VB31:  Empty/Available
VB32:  Empty/Available
VB33:  Empty/Available
VB34:  Empty/Available
VB35:  Empty/Available
VB36:  Empty/Available
VB37:  Empty/Available
VB38:  Empty/Available
VB39:  Empty/Available
VB40:  Empty/Available
VB41:  Empty/Available