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Atlantis DHD Update

Make sure to update your Atlantis DHD to the mesh version, less prims, less script time and various bug fixes..

- Wolfie Waves


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ASN Status

Total DHDs registered: 179

20 OS DHDs
0 Alpha / Beta OS DHDs
21 Dialing Computers
1 Amelius DHDs
8 Atlantis DHDs
8 Modern Lantian DHDs
0 Subnovan DHDs
2 Forest DHDs
0 Cleary OS DHDs
0 Arcturus OS DHDs
2 OS Lite DHDs
117 ASN Lite DHDs

Gateworld News

Stargates Legacy: Midway
Adam Barnard looks back at another one of Stargate Atlantis' most memorable (and explosive) episodes, and the forging of an unlikely friendship. The post Stargate’s Legacy: ‘Midway’ appeared first on GateWorld. All rights reserved.
27 February 2018, 2:00pm

Four Ways Stargate Could Return To Long-Form TV
Does the next full Stargate series belong on cable? Online? Netflix? Or somewhere else? (Opinion) The post Four Ways Stargate Could Return To Long-Form TV appeared first on GateWorld. All rights reserved.
26 February 2018, 3:00pm

Brian J. Smith Cast In L.A. Confidential Pilot For CBS
The former Stargate Universe actor may soon be back on TV screens in the noir detective drama The post Brian J. Smith Cast In <em>L.A. Confidential</em> Pilot For CBS appeared first on GateWorld. All rights reserved.
23 February 2018, 1:42am

OS Labs DHD Database

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There are a total of 179 DHDs registered in the database.


20 OS DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
TheDarkest FaireyClick To VisitSota Beach4.3.1Pegasus
Hiromi QuanClick To VisitYarrow Icefrost4.3.1Milkyway
Lex MarsClick To VisitPalomarian4.3.1Milkyway
Death BergerClick To VisitTrotsdale4.3.1Milkyway
Sascha EleonaraClick To VisitVetiver4.3.1Milkyway
Arcane LavalClick To VisitBagat4.3.1Pegasus
Lex MarsClick To VisitHan Loso4.3.1Milkyway
Vala VellaClick To VisitXylophilous4.3.1Milkyway
TheDarkest FaireyClick To VisitHorizons Halley4.3.1Pegasus
Lex MarsClick To VisitEternal Calm4.3.1Milkyway
SATA ZenovkaClick To VisitPartners In Crime4.3.1Milkyway
Zobeid ZumaClick To VisitBolinas4.3.1Milkyway
WMorningstar ResidentClick To VisitYIFF4.3.1Pegasus
TheDarkest FaireyClick To VisitEmber4.3.1Pegasus
Lex MarsClick To VisitONCU4.3.1Milkyway
Reyo NeutraClick To VisitBonaire854.3Milkyway
IceCold SkytowerClick To VisitLost Province4.3Milkyway
Vala VellaClick To VisitOwl4.3Milkyway
Michael FarriorClick To VisitAtlantis World 64.3Milkyway
Mish ShelmanClick To VisitKiribati4.3Milkyway

SGC & Midway Dialing Computers

21 SGC & Midway Dialing Computers registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Lex MarsClick To VisitEternal Calm1.6Milkyway
djomnifusion SnickerdoodleClick To VisitEternal Calm1.6Milkyway
Cosima CoyClick To VisitRaptoria1.5.1Milkyway
nik385 DoesburgClick To VisitTaber1.5.1Milkyway
Ben EnzoClick To VisitCowell1.5.1Milkyway
Vala VellaClick To VisitXylophilous1.5.1Milkyway
lada1000 SpartaClick To VisitLorena Green1.5.1Milkyway
Vladd ZsunClick To VisitJokeRs1.5.1Milkyway
nik385 DoesburgClick To VisitAlliance Surf1.5.1Milkyway
Lucas FairweatherClick To VisitBatchelor1.5.1Milkyway
Vashel TremorClick To VisitNew York Island1.5.1Milkyway
KibaKie ResidentClick To VisitObsidian Moon1.5.1Milkyway
AndromedaStJohn AeonClick To VisitParadise Oasis1.5.1Milkyway
Drewski NorthmanClick To VisitBlackslough1.5.1Milkyway
nik385 DoesburgClick To VisitDoesburg1.5.1Milkyway
Filbert HolmerClick To VisitImmaculate1.5.1Milkyway
knightstorm123 ResidentClick To VisitAnother Dream1.5.1Milkyway
Tabzy RaguClick To VisitHemaris1.5.1Milkyway
Natasha PetrichorClick To VisitBonga1.5.1Milkyway
knightstorm123 ResidentClick To VisitAnother Dream1.5.1Pegasus
Peter LamethClick To VisitArang1.3Pegasus

Amelius DHD

1 Amelius DHD registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
originalnameidea ResidentClick To VisitBrook Falls1.0.1Pegasus

Atlantis DHDs

8 Atlantis DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Archammer ResidentClick To VisitGEL Community 163.0Milkyway
mobiusonemasterchief InfinityClick To VisitZeta Valley3.0Milkyway
JeffeJ5005 LewisClick To VisitHealy3.0Milkyway
Vala AvroClick To VisitDistant Shores3.0Pegasus
Nightgazer SilversparClick To VisitSocksamillion3.0Pegasus
Adren SackClick To VisitSerena Adrens Dream3.0Pegasus
Adren SackClick To VisitCalopus2.3Pegasus
Buck2 MelsonClick To VisitBearkat Island II2.3Pegasus

Modern Lantian DHDs

8 Modern Lantian DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Matthew QuerrienClick To VisitPurple Coral1.3.1Pegasus
Exavior EltonClick To VisitZymmna1.3.1Pegasus
GiannaIsabel WerefoxClick To VisitTariah1.3.1Milkyway
Soul LexenstarClick To VisitJeesh1.3.1Pegasus
Xeroc ZerbinoClick To VisitEsterhal1.3.1Pegasus
Shon TempestClick To VisitStarlight Isle1.3.1Pegasus
AmyLee RexenClick To VisitLoach1.3.1Pegasus
Jeri CarterClick To VisitColumba1.3Milkyway

Forest DHDs

2 Forest DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Natasha PetrichorClick To VisitBonga1.3.1Milkyway
EdmondBunny EasterlingClick To VisitSunny Beach1.3.1Pegasus

OS Lite DHDs

2 OS Lite DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
CrystalShard FooClick To VisitMew4.05Milkyway
Alexin BismarkClick To VisitPeriwinkle4.05Milkyway


117 ASN Lite DHDs registered in the database.
DHD OwnerPositionRegionVersionMode
Adamburp AdamczykClick To VisitMystery CayeTollanASN DHD Lite
Revy091 ResidentClick To VisitSweet HeartTollanASN DHD Lite
JasonRAH HeronClick To VisitSimulating History LabTollanASN DHD Lite
Natasha PetrichorClick To VisitTofteTollanASN DHD Lite
Natasha PetrichorClick To VisitFrolicking Deer CayTollanASN DHD Lite
Jin AkulaClick To VisitPurrfection EstatesTollanASN DHD Lite
Natasha PetrichorClick To VisitBraunworthTollanASN DHD Lite
Roger KormannClick To VisitRekallTollanASN DHD Lite
Lucy WarbloodClick To VisitMcKindred IsleTollanASN DHD Lite
Hannah BluemoodClick To VisitCalletaTollanASN DHD Lite
Newlightchild64 ResidentClick To VisitMultiScene Rentals11TollanASN DHD Lite
Badbark ResidentClick To VisitAcorn ValleyTollanASN DHD Lite
Isolte EmberClick To VisitHorizons ThuleTollanASN DHD Lite
343guiltyperson ResidentClick To VisitPeatmossPegasusASN DHD Lite
Blackened MerlinClick To VisitEternal DesiresPegasusASN DHD Lite
JM HumphreysClick To VisitSeneca CollegePegasusASN DHD Lite
Agoris EnyoClick To VisitButtercupPegasusASN DHD Lite
It60 ResidentClick To VisitRoyal OaksPegasusASN DHD Lite
adrien45 ChengClick To VisitLarkspurPegasusASN DHD Lite
Treyton DarkfoldClick To VisitDream SandsPegasusASN DHD Lite
clara FarsliderClick To VisitThe Athenian EmpirePegasusASN DHD Lite
Gemini EnfieldClick To VisitWhippersnapperPegasusASN DHD Lite
ChevronSeven ResidentClick To VisitClearPegasusASN DHD Lite
Warcheeso ResidentClick To VisitEagle GrovePegasusASN DHD Lite
HanosunnesWoom RootClick To VisitOceanicaPegasusASN DHD Lite
JasonRAH HeronClick To VisitAnthem Education GroupPegasusASN DHD Lite
Gruntcrazy12 ResidentClick To VisitAstralunaPegasusASN DHD Lite
Angelus ClawtoothClick To VisitPeaceful ParadisePegasusASN DHD Lite
Ezrie EwingClick To VisitBalboa BeachPegasusASN DHD Lite
Viderian VollmarClick To VisitCaledon CymruPegasusASN DHD Lite
Pup SandsClick To VisitLas PegasusPegasusASN DHD Lite
343guiltyperson ResidentClick To VisitTischeriidaePegasusASN DHD Lite
Jarael KimonoClick To VisitRidgehavenPegasusASN DHD Lite
Eksynn ResidentClick To VisitSerenity VistaPegasusASN DHD Lite
Bitova LoonClick To VisitThe WildernessPegasusASN DHD Lite
outlawjwjames234 ResidentClick To VisitRichmond FallsPegasusASN DHD Lite
Seraphim PlaceboClick To VisitJormundgandrPegasusASN DHD Lite
Henning LionheartClick To VisitAquila IIIPegasusASN DHD Lite
Katsuhito TalClick To VisitThe Naked RocksPegasusASN DHD Lite
Jax SirbuClick To VisitOrellianPegasusASN DHD Lite
annathora ResidentClick To VisitKiobati IslandPegasusASN DHD Lite
darkdragonboy ResidentClick To VisitIrelorePegasusASN DHD Lite
oNiwaka ResidentClick To VisitEternal HopePegasusASN DHD Lite
seidweise ResidentClick To VisitXegulPegasusASN DHD Lite
Savage DirvalClick To VisitDinosaurs ParkPegasusASN DHD Lite
Ellabane ResidentClick To VisitGyeongjuPegasusASN DHD Lite
Adric LoordenClick To VisitMystical GatewayPegasusASN DHD Lite
Ryan DaytonClick To VisitNieldPegasusASN DHD Lite
HekeruOkami ResidentClick To VisitGilded PeaksPegasusASN DHD Lite
najah IlliosClick To VisitJimat PulauPegasusASN DHD Lite
Blackened MerlinClick To VisitBoncarusPegasusASN DHD Lite
darkdragonboy ResidentClick To VisitVile ChapelPegasusASN DHD Lite
Tiarnalalon SismondiClick To VisitAmellaPegasusASN DHD Lite
KT SyakumiClick To VisitTHINCPegasusASN DHD Lite
David DavidsClick To VisitErickaPegasusASN DHD Lite
Jayce BenthamClick To VisitSagittataPegasusASN DHD Lite
Monalisa RobbianiClick To VisitBeethovenMilkywayASN DHD Lite
David DavidsClick To VisitErickaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Kyrah AbattoirClick To Visitdead realmMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Ansaja GuardianClick To VisitKokanoMilkywayASN DHD Lite
UgandanKnuckles0 ResidentClick To VisitRoselandMilkywayASN DHD Lite
TempestKittie ResidentClick To VisitFlyinTails AirfieldMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Omaatah ResidentClick To VisitKesslerMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Helena LyciaClick To VisitSuilvenMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Alesandra MarkovaClick To VisitPrisonersOfDarknessMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Demicus YingClick To VisitLost EmpireMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Thrice SkywardClick To VisitACC PlatformMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Dee AlterClick To VisitWild HeartMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Kendra KitalphaClick To VisitWild FlowerMilkywayASN DHD Lite
PercivalSutlar ResidentClick To VisitGEL Community 8MilkywayASN DHD Lite
BlackstreakBifrost ResidentClick To VisitCatnipMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Gunther SladeClick To VisitSanchonMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Eveyon ResidentClick To VisitChaos UnityMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Fred McCellanClick To VisitVerneyMilkywayASN DHD Lite
renanyoy OhClick To VisitSloveMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Peebo MilesClick To VisitPeebos landMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Misterbear FappClick To VisitTytaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
TheCustodian ResidentClick To VisitSunnydale VillageMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Doe RilerClick To VisitRosesMilkywayASN DHD Lite
FrostyWinds453 ResidentClick To VisitXCESS AdventureMilkywayASN DHD Lite
UgandanKnuckles0 ResidentClick To VisitQuartz FallsMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Invictus LlewellynClick To VisitArmanadoMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Blackened MerlinClick To VisitEternal DesiresMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Thomas AkerClick To VisitGalaxyMilkywayASN DHD Lite
ElodieYong ResidentClick To VisitNoetherMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Jak ForcellaClick To VisitKashiumMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Lianndraa GothlyClick To VisitGEL Community 8MilkywayASN DHD Lite
Ghosty KipsClick To VisitAllanaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
dennis RexieClick To VisitSwann BayMilkywayASN DHD Lite
VampireLord1992 ResidentClick To VisitBluewater IsleMilkywayASN DHD Lite
botgirljulie ResidentClick To VisitMarathon countyMilkywayASN DHD Lite
FastShot41 ResidentClick To VisitLightstarMilkywayASN DHD Lite
MICKE94 AvoraClick To VisitSeerialMilkywayASN DHD Lite
chaos RehulaClick To VisitOntaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
semalina ResidentClick To VisitErogenous ZonesMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Yarbin YalinClick To VisitSabulellaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
southerncomfort289 ResidentClick To VisitEverfree ForestMilkywayASN DHD Lite
oNiwaka ResidentClick To VisitEternal HopeMilkywayASN DHD Lite
nik385 DoesburgClick To VisitAlliance SurfMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Lantelin ImakoClick To VisitLyonMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Mickyg92 ResidentClick To VisitBritanniaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Specist DeminaClick To VisitMaemilkkotMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Pandume ResidentClick To VisitWavepawMilkywayASN DHD Lite
MisaLambert ResidentClick To VisitMolvenaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
KingGartheKnight ResidentClick To VisitScheltonMilkywayASN DHD Lite
dominic PyaraClick To VisitIsla SecretaMilkywayASN DHD Lite
SuccubusBrat ResidentClick To VisitCaledon CymruMilkywayASN DHD Lite
KarHallarn ResidentClick To VisitIn MusicMilkywayASN DHD Lite
Damien VectoscopeClick To VisitTemptation IsleForerunnerASN DHD Lite
Bobcatt NielsonClick To VisitGrayling AirfieldForerunnerASN DHD Lite
Liffento EldritchClick To VisitSheridanForerunnerASN DHD Lite
kigustein ResidentClick To VisitHorizons HalleyForerunnerASN DHD Lite
miki4midably ResidentClick To VisitPort StewartForerunnerASN DHD Lite
Coyote SeattleClick To VisitTwilightholmForerunnerASN DHD Lite
Emery94 ResidentClick To VisitBicycle FishForerunnerASN DHD Lite
JaidenJustice ResidentClick To VisitFishergateForerunnerASN DHD Lite
James SamiamClick To VisitMalyshkinForerunnerASN DHD Lite